Home COVID test kit
A home COVID-19 test kit. Courtesy NIH

Local COVID-19 cases will surpass 10,000 for the month of November, far exceeding the 7,482 cases recorded in October.

San Diego County health officials reported Thursday that they recorded 3,455 new cases in the seven-day period that ended Monday.

That’s 371 higher than the 3,084 infections counted in the previous week, ending Nov. 21. With the new numbers, the region’s pandemic case total rose to 942,177.

In addition, there were seven new COVID deaths, three of them in the last two weeks. The victims ranged in age from the 40s to the 80s and none had been vaccinated. The region’s pandemic death toll stands at 5,569.

Flu cases are also increasing, reaching 2,694 last week, up from 2,375 the previous week. For the season to date, San Diego County has recorded 12,946 cases of the flu.

Three women, none of whom had received flu shots, died from Nov. 9-21. A total of eight people have died from the flu this season, according to the county.

COVID-19 and flu vaccines are widely available across the region at pharmacies, medical centers and clinics. The two vaccines can be administered during the same visit.