Cars are guided to COVID-19 vaccinations at the Petco Park parking lot super station. Photo by Chris Stone

The vaccination super station operated by UC San Diego Health outside Petco Park will close for the second time in a week because of a shortage of the Moderna vaccine.

The shortage is due to record cold weather across much of the United States, which has disrupted truck transport. Moderna’s main production facility is located outside Boston.

“Due to constraints in vaccine supply, Petco will be closed Friday, February 19th, and Saturday, February 20th,” UC San Diego said in an email to vaccination volunteers. “We anticipate reopening on Sunday, February 21st, pending the arrival of additional vaccine supply.”

Other sites that administer the Moderna vaccine are also limiting shots. Sites that use the Pfizer vaccine are not immediately affected.

Anyone with an appointment during the closure will have it rescheduled automatically through UC San Diego Health’s MyChart system.

On Wednesday, county health officials said priority would be given to administering second doses until vaccine supplies catch up.

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