San Diego Unified headquarters
Eugene Brucker Education Center is headquarters of the San Diego Unified School District. File photo

Goodbye fossil fuels: Wednesday marked a historic moment for San Diego Unified School District.

Climate Action Campaign and a diverse coalition of students, parents, faculty, and climate and justice advocates gathered to support SDUSD’s resolution to phase out fossil fuels from all district infrastructure including all buildings and bus fleets, prioritizing investments in Communities of Concern. 

The resolution will phase out all fossil fuels from the district by prompting the following actions, among others: all new buildings will be constructed all-electric (referred to as a reach code policy at local jurisdictions); retrofit existing buildings to be all-electric by replacing gas appliances and systems at the end of their useful life with all-electric alternatives; procure 100% clean energy by the end of 2024 through San Diego Community Power’s Power100 program.

By committing to electrify all buildings, buses, and energy, SDUSD said it can ensure that its students and faculty have access to the safe and healthy learning environment.