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On Wednesday, March 29, students from the Culinary programs at Escondido High
School, Orange Glen High School, and San Pasqual High School participated in the EUHSD Annual Culinary Competition, hosted by Orange Glen.

Students competed for first place in two categories, Global Cuisine Dessert and Savory Global Cuisine.

Teams were allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete their dishes and present them to a panel of judges. The scoring from the tasting judges was added up with the judges scoring from the back of the house and the winners were selected.

San Pasqual High School won first place in Savory Global Cuisine for their Mediterranean lamb chop dish and Orange Glen won first place in Global Cuisine Dessert for their French strawberry pastry.

All teams were commended for presenting beautiful and delicious dishes that were five-star restaurant worthy.

Teacher Kristi Sovacool shared, “You should all be very proud of yourselves.”