San Diego Unified headquarters
Eugene Brucker Education Center is headquarters of the San Diego Unified School District. File photo

The offices of San Diego Unified School District have experienced a computer-network security breach, SDUSD officials disclosed this week.

District Superintendent Lamont Jackson on Thursday sent a letter to his staff and families of students attending SDUSD campuses to apprise them of what he described as a “cybersecurity incident.”

“After learning of this incident, we acted swiftly to take steps to secure our network, to launch an investigation and to prevent any disruptions to (information technology) operations,” Jackson wrote. “We also notified law enforcement and engaged cybersecurity professionals to assist.”

Though SDUSD officials did not reveal if the breach may have resulted in the misappropriation of any sensitive data or involved any ransom demands, Jackson stated that all the district’s “critical systems continue to be operational, and the incident has not impacted the safety and emergency mechanisms in place at schools and offices.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have changed all passwords for staff, and we will continue the process to change passwords for student accounts as a measure to continue strengthening our IT system,” the superintendent asserted. “In the coming days, our school staff will work on providing new passwords for students on a schedule prepared by the district.”

SDUSD officials “will provide an additional update once our investigation is complete,” Jackson wrote.

“We want our students and the San Diego Unified community to know that we place a high value on maintaining the integrity and security of the data we hold in our systems and (that) we are working diligently to complete our investigation of the incident,” he stated.

City News Service contributed to this article.