Dr. Jennifer Winward. Photo courtesy Winward Academy


Winward Academy, an online tutoring platform providing personalized ACT, SAT, math, and college preparation courses to students and life-long learners has launched a new service.
Founded by Dr. Jennifer Winward – a private tutor with more than 18 years of experience and a teaching professor at the University of California, San Diego – Winward Academy incorporates research-based techniques that “promote effective learning and build confidence for life.” 
Winward Academy’s features maximize learning and retention. They include supportive feedback and step-by-step, video-based explanations on more than 5,000 practice questions, a personalized Mistake Bank that saves users’ mistakes with hints they write to themselves, and handouts that accompany each video lesson. All hope to promote student engagement and facilitate a more active learning process. 
“Online learning provides convenience and flexibility but fails students because it’s not personalized. The most effective way to learn is in person, with a tutor. My goal was to recreate that powerful approach online,” Dr. Winward said. “Students need control over speed of instruction, easy access to study guides created automatically based on their performance, and flexibility to study exactly the topics they need.
“With other online learning programs, if you make a mistake, you don’t receive a meaningful explanation of what you did wrong. If you do, it’s a five-paragraph essay, and nobody wants to read that. They want to be shown,” Dr. Winward continued. “For the first time, people can learn online and experience what it’s like to work with a private tutor, at a fraction of the cost.”
Through affordable pricing, charitable programs, and the Carol Kimmelman Memorial Scholarship, Winward Academy hopes to ensure all students have the opportunity to receive quality teaching, regardless of their location or economic circumstances. When one high school purchases a full-access subscription for its students, another school on the sponsored list receives full-access at no charge. For each Game Changer package purchased, the same package is donated to Computers 2 SD Kids, a charity that provides 9,000 computers to San Diego students each year.