A Bernie Sanders supporter passes protesters in front of Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field. Photo by Chris Stone
Protesters in front of Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field following the announcement of President Trump’s travel ban. Photo by Chris Stone

A Grossmont College student from Yemen is back in the United States after a court injunction was placed on President Donald Trump’s travel ban, KPBS is reporting.

The ban had stranded Wasim Ghaleb in Saudi Arabia, where he traveled last month to visit relatives, according to KPBS.

A spokesman for the ACLU told KPBS that the court injunction, which has temporarily lifted the ban, allowed Ghaleb to fly into LAX Sunday night.

Grossmont College officials confirm he is back on campus, KPBS reported.

Ghaleb, with help from the ACLU, is one of three California college students now suing the Trump administration for religious discrimination, the report continued.

Trump has defended the travel ban, and a federal appeals court has set a Tuesday hearing on the matter.