A Los Angeles Unified School District bus. Photo by Fahim Fadz via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Fahim Fadz via Wikimedia Commons

San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Randy Ward, who has been on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into his compensation, will retire in November, according to a statement by the County Board of Education.

“The Board and Superintendent Ward have reached a settlement, under the terms of which Dr. Ward will advance his retirement date to November 15, 2016, from what was scheduled to be June 30, 2017. Dr. Ward and the Board have agreed that it would be in the best interests of all involved to reach an amicable separation at this point in time,” the statement said.

Randy Ward
Randy Ward

“We want to thank Dr. Ward for his 10 years of service as County Superintendent. We also wish to reiterate that the placement of Dr. Ward on leave was not, nor was it intended to be, any kind of assertion that the allegations of the California Taxpayers Action Network lawsuit have any merit.”

The statement was released Tuesday night after a special meeting of the board.

The Taxpayers Action Network sued Ward in July, claiming he illegally awarded himself undue compensation. That led the board to place Ward on paid administrative leave pending an audit.

Ward reportedly will receive $35,000 for legal expenses as part of the settlement.

Schools run by the county include those for incarcerated youngsters, foster kids and homeless children. The County Office of Education also oversees the budgets of 42 school districts in San Diego County.

—City News Service