Westview High School students at the San Diego Mayor's Cyber Cup, April 30, 2016. Courtesy photo
Westview High School students at the San Diego Mayor’s Cyber Cup, April 30, 2016. Courtesy photo

Westview High School in Rancho Bernardo is the winner of the annual San Diego Mayor’s Cyber Cup, a competition aimed at teaching students about cyber security.

The competition, which was held last Saturday, included more than 71 schools and 125 teams. The goal of the competition is to encourage students to learn more about computer security, provide an educational venue in which students are able to apply the theories and practical skills they have learned, and foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior, and effective communication both within and across teams, according to organizers.

“All this results in more students learning more about computers and cyber security, more about the spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication,” said Lillian Maestas, National Defense Industrial Association STEM Chair “This has led to meeting our end goal to have students consider information technology and computer security as career paths or courses of study in higher education.”

The 2016 top winners of the Mayor’s Cyber Cup are:

1st place – West View High School
2nd place – Ramona High School
3rd place – Oak Valley Middle School
4th place – La Jolla Country Day
5th place – East Lake High School
6th place – Grossmont High School
7th place – Robert Kennedy Community School
8th place – Fremont High School
9th place – East Lake Middle School
10th place – Castle Park High School

Westview High School received $4,500.00, while Ramona High School received $3,000.00. The third place school, Oak Valley Middle School, received $2,300.00.