Eugene Brucker Education Center is headquarters of the San Diego Unified School District. Photo courtesy

San Diego Unified School District on Wednesday began accepting applications to fill a vacancy on the board of education after Marne Foster resigned.

Any registered voter in Subdistrict E of the school district can apply for the seat through noon Tuesday, Feb. 16. The board will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17 to select three finalists to be interviewed, with a final vote coming on Feb. 23, under a schedule approved at its Feb. 9 meeting.

By California law, to be considered for appointment, applicants must be: at least 18 years old; a citizen of California; a registered voter of the district; and a resident of Subdistrict E of the San Diego Unified School District for 30 days immediately preceding this application.

Subdistrict E is in the southeastern section of the city of San Diego. The following is a list of schools located within Subdistrict E, although as the Subdistrict boundaries are not identical to the school-attendance boundaries, a parent/guardian of a child who attends a school in the Subdistrict may live in another Subdistrict and not be eligible for this board seat.

High schools in the Subdistrict are Crawford, Lincoln and Morse. Other schools in the Subdistrict are Bell, Clark, Mann, Knox and Millennial Tech middle schools; SCPA and Twain-Morse atypical schools; and Audubon, Fulton, Penn, Bethune, Hamilton, Perry, Boone, Horton, Porter, Carver, Ibarra, Rolando Park, Chollas/Mead, Johnson, Rosa Parks, Clay, Lee, Valencia Park, Encanto, Marshall, Webster, Euclid, Nye, Zamorano, Fay, Oak Park, Freese, Paradise Hills elementary or K-8 schools.

Foster, 47, resigned last week after pleading guilty to receiving financial gifts over the legal limit. She admitted that a benefactor gave her son money toward a theater camp in 2014 and paid for his airline tickets.

The application and other information are posted on the district’s website at Copies of the information are also available at the Board of Education office at the Education Center, 4100 Normal Street, Room 2231, San Diego (92103).

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