The most popular degrees among this year’s nearly 9,600 graduates range from engineering to business. Here are the top 10 degrees of SDSU’s 2015 graduating class:

No. 10: B.A., Liberal Studies
A total of 179 students will graduate with this a degree designed for future educators and administrators. Liberal studies majors go on to pursue credentials in multiple subjects including special education and bilingual. Many have studied abroad or participated in internships to gain field experience in various settings.

No. 9: B.A., Communication (Liberal Arts)
As students, these 182 graduates studied either communication studies or health communication. Some were in SDSU’s competitive forensics program while others participated in research along with the program’s nationally recognized faculty. All of them though have been trained as effective communicators. While some will become lead spokespeople for corporate, community affairs or government; others may continue their education through SDSU’s Communication Master’s Program, named one of the top 10 programs in the world by Eduniversal.

No. 8: B.S., Mechanical Engineering

From a young age, these 189 graduates likely had a curiosity about how things worked. They have spent their college career developing solutions to physical problems, questioning how things work, finding ways to make things work better, and generating ideas for doing things in new and different ways. They have prepared themselves to work on diverse, challenging problems that require the integration of science, engineering and socio-economic knowledge.

No. 7: B.S., Business Administration — Marketing
It’s easy to assume that marketing is purely the promotional efforts that goes into selling a product. These 190 graduates know it is so much more than that. During their time at SDSU, some have advanced their skills through the Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications; others have earned a Professional Selling and Sales Management Specialization. They are leaving SDSU with an understanding of buyer and seller behavior, making them perfect for careers such as brand, market or sales managers, analysts and account executives.

No. 6: B.A., Economics

Economics majors know how to analyze the costs and benefits of decisions, whether they are made by governments, businesses or individuals. These 202 graduates will go on to a wide array of careers in government, law, business, journalism, education and non-profits. They will also be able to provide consulting, analysis and counsel in every major job sector.

No. 5: B.S., Business Administration — Accounting
The Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy will graduate 207 students into the world of accountancy. With a national reputation for innovative education in the fields of accounting, auditing and taxation, these graduates will prove to be invaluable to their respective companies and clients. The school prides itself on preparing its graduates to take the Certified Public Accountant exam, qualifying them for careers in corporate or public accounting as well as tax, financial planning and auditing.

No. 4: B.S., Business Administration — Management
The 239 graduates in this major are student leaders and entrepreneurs. Some have participated in the Faculty-Student Mentoring Program, which supports student engagement and development through undergraduate research, scholarship and creative initiatives. Others have been involved in student management organizations, nurturing skills such as strategic management and company governance. They will play integral roles in managing employee and firm performance, ethics, diversity and human resources.

No. 3: B.S., Business Administration — Finance
Using the resources of the Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate, the Center for the Study of Personal Financial Planning and the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory, these 258 graduates have learned to hone in on specific calculations. Among their talents:  administration of funds and loans, buyer and investor relations, financial management, protection of assets and tax administration.

No. 2: B.S., Criminal Justice
Prepared for careers in federal, state and local law enforcement, these 401 graduates may work in probation, parole, corrections and other social service agencies. Through SDSU’s Criminal Justice Program, these students have gained an in-depth analysis of all facets of crime, delinquency and crime control as well as a foundation for critical, balanced, responsible and effective administrative responses.

The most popular degree for the class of 2015 is …

No. 1: B.A., Psychology
This year, 589 graduates studied how human beings develop, learn, think and feel through SDSU’s Department of Psychology, which is in the top 10 in the U.S., and second in California, for National Institutes of Health grants. Several students in this major have showcased original research and scholarship projects in the Student Research Symposium; others have taken part in student organizations that promote inclusion and well-being. These graduates will go on to pursue careers that involve interactions with people in a wide range of fields. Some will choose to acquire graduate training, such as a Ph.D or Psy.D, through SDSU’s joint doctoral program in clinical psychology with the University of California, San Diego, which is ranked 26th among the nation’s best by U.S. News and World Report.

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