May 6, 2014. San Diego, iVIE Awards held at the San Diego Civic Center. Photo by Jamie Scott Lytle.

Movie stars aren’t the only ones who get to walk the red carpet.

The 14th Annual Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) film festival and awards is headed to town on Saturday, April 25, and will give film students a chance to strut their stuff.

Expect to see the best K-12 student filmmakers from throughout the county who will be showing off  their skills.

The iVIE program is a powerful way for teachers to incorporate project-based, hands-on.

The event at UltraStar Cinemas, 7510 Hazard Center Drive No. 100, San Diego, is to honor the year’s best K-12 student videos includes suh categories as: Public service announcements, short documentaries, narrative films, and broadcast journalism.

Students,parents, and teachers will walk the red carpet and experience the excitement of an awards show.

More than 400 videos were submitted this year, the most ever for the event. More than 100 of

those were nominated for awards. All of them will be shown at the festival, and awards will be

presented to winning videos based on grade level.

The awards are sponsored by the San Diego County Credit Union and organized by the San Diego County Office of Education.

The competition provides a chance for students to take ownership of their learning in a collaborative and rigorous environment. The films ignite imagination and inspire confidence while integrating Common Core academic standards and skills that prepare students for various careers.

Elementary school: Red carpet starts at 8:15 a.m.; film festival and awards at 9 a.m.

Middle school: Red carpet starts at 10:15 a.m.; film festival and awards at 11 a.m.

High school: Red carpet starts at 2 p.m.; film festival and awards at 2:30 p.m.

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