Sign outside Che Cafe. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Sign outside Che Cafe. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

The Che Cafe, a well-known concert venue on the UCSD campus, is going to trial to fight a potential closure by the university.

University administration claims the cafe has violated the terms of a governing Master Space Agreement, primarily by not paying rent. The university’s Graduate Student Association stripped the cafe of its co-op status in June citing similar concerns, according to UCSD’s campus newspaper, The Guardian.

The Che Cafe mural. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Supporters of the Che Cafe gathered at Friday’s trial to protest the university’s actions.

The cafe was founded by students in 1980 as a concert venue and worker co-operative. It has played host to now-famous bands like Green Day, Blonde Redhead, and Bright Eyes, as well as dozens of San Diego-based indie bands.

Attorneys for the Che Cafe and UCSD will be back in court on Wednesday for an eviction trial that’s expected to last 1-2 days.