MiraCosta College this fall will offer more courses on Fridays and Saturdays, a relief for students squeezed out of classrooms because of high demand or work schedules — or state budget cuts.

MiraCosta College's Oceanside main campus. Image via YouTube
MiraCosta College’s Oceanside main campus. Image via YouTube

Previously, the San Elijo campus had offered only a few Friday classes and the main Oceanside campus had only offered a handful on Fridays and Saturdays. This fall, more than 75 classes split will be split between the campuses.

At the San Elijo campus, students will be able to take Friday courses in art, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, oceanography and psychology, along with courses such as philosophy, communication and film.

The Oceanside campus will offer Friday and Saturday core courses in subject areas such as English, math, chemistry and many more.

The strategy is twofold: provide additional core classes that often have long waiting lists, making it difficult for some students to earn a degree in two years; and provide additional days to go to school for students working full-time jobs.

Fall semester begins Aug. 18. For a complete class listing, or to apply or enroll, visit www.miracosta.edu.

The changes are the latest in the wake of the state’s improved economy, and more funding from Sacramento is in the works.

The Oakland Tribune reported that a plan to increase funding for California community colleges by nearly $1 billion is being hailed by educators.

“I’m calling it a grand slam,” said Scott Lay, president of the Community College League of California. “It freezes tuition and brings us back to the funding levels of 2007 and 2008.”

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget also would freeze fees at $46 per unit. The fee was $36 per unit last year and $20 a unit in 2009, the Tribune noted.

—A MiraCosta College news release contributed to this report.