Want to shape the future of San Diego schools? The San Diego Unified School District will host the final
“Dream Big” forum at Crawford High School Monday.

Board of Education Vice President Marne Foster, the representative from Sub-District E, will host the event, from 7-9 p.m, Monday, at Crawford, 4191 Colts Way.

Crawford High School. Photo credit: sandi.net.

“We believe that when our priorities are inspired and informed by our parents, students, employees and community members,”said Kevin Beiser, Board of Education president, in a district blog post. “We will have important information for long-range planning with students at the center.”

The “Vision 2020 Forums: What Kinds of Schools Do We Want” series were designed to include parents, staff, students, and community members in helping the school board and administration to manage local campuses. Three other meetings have been held with the community since February.

According to the district, officials want answers to these questions:

  • What do we believe is working on our path to accomplishing Vision 2020?
  • What do think should be improved upon in order to accomplish our Vision 2020?
  • How will we work together to accomplish our Vision 2020?

Child care and translation services will be available. To make a reservation, go to Vision 2020 Forums. Questions also can be directed to vision2020forums@sandi.net.

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