Firefighters Gun Firearm
San Diego police at the scene of the crash Sunday morning. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

Two men fled the scene of a car crash early Sunday after one of them revealed a gun to firefighters in Paradise Hills.

The men, described as Hispanic, crashed a Nissan Sentra into fencing along Tonawanda Drive after the driver failed to make the turn from Reo Drive at about 6 a.m.

A witness went to their aid, but they were hostile, according to OnScene.TV, and when San Diego firefighters arrived, both males started to leave.

As some of the firefighters followed one of the men to see if he needed medical attention, he stopped, turned and showed them that he was armed with a handgun.

The firefighters immediately backed off and the two suspects fled up Reo.

The car had an open alcohol container inside the Sentra. The vehicle had not been reported stolen.