An officer outside a Coronado Police cruiser. Photo via @CoronadoPolice Twitter

A woman who allegedly broke into a Coronado home, changed the locks, then claimed to police that the house was hers, was arrested on suspicion of burglary, Coronado police said Friday.

Police were alerted to the unidentified 43-year-old woman when they received a call about 11 p.m. Thursday regarding “suspicious activity” at the home on Alameda Boulevard.

The caller told police her neighbor was reporting lights being turned on and off inside the home while its owner was out of town. No one else was supposed to be inside the residence and only the neighbor, who is related to the homeowner, had a spare key.

The neighbor provided responding officers with the spare, but police soon found the key did not fit in the front door’s lock. Officers also found metal shavings and pieces of an old lock on the ground, according to the department.

When checking the home’s perimeter, officers found several doors in the back of the house wide open, a lit fireplace and music playing.

Initially spotted on the home’s second floor, the suspect allegedly claimed the house was hers and told police a locksmith had changed the locks earlier that night at her behest.

She was taken into custody, but when police dogs were brought to the residence, she allegedly claimed two children were inside the home, prompting police to call off on using the dogs. A subsequent search of the house revealed that no one else was inside.

City News Service contributed to the article.

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