South Bay National City Bonita
Police instruct the occupant of a BMW to back up toward officers after the vehicle fled Plaza Bonita. Photo credit: OnSceneTV

Up to 50 street racers fled Westfield Plaza Bonita late Saturday after officers caught them racing and doing donuts in the parking lot.

When National City police and California Highway Patrol personnel officers arrived, the racers fled east along Sweetwater Road with officers in pursuit, according to OnScene.TV.

One of the cars, a BMW, went down the Willow Street bridge and lost control, barreling into oncoming traffic at Bonita Road.

The car, with a driver and two occupants, lost a wheel, hit the side of the roadway and crashed.

Officers took several racers into custody. There were no reports of injuries.

In a street race in Sorrento Valley on Feb. 14, a woman received serious injuries when she was hit by a motorist doing a “donut” in the roadway.