Image from San Diego police video shows wounded man with handgun. Image via YouTube

Authorities have identified the man who was shot by San Diego police officers over the weekend after he allegedly slipped from his handcuffs and obtained a backup gun one of the officers had stowed in the cargo hold of the patrol SUV. The three officers involved in the shooting have also been named.

Keith Bergman, 25, was arrested about 6:30 p.m. Sunday after a disturbance at a downtown hotel where he allegedly threatened to stab a hotel employee, according to police.

Officials said Bergman was handcuffed and awaiting processing at about 8 p.m. inside a SDPD vehicle when the was able to free his hands, break into the back of the SUV and arm himself with an officer’s secondary weapon. According to police, Bergman was shot when officers Paul Yi, Michael Rodriguez and Timothy Arreola discovered him with the gun, he refused to the weapon and fire at them at least once through the back window of the patrol vehicle. Two officers responded by opening fire, wounding the man at least once in the upper body, police said.

After several minutes, the arrestee reached out the broken window of the rear driver’s side door of the SUV and opened it with the outside handle. He then got out with the handgun tucked in his waistband and walked to the back of the vehicle, according to police.

After making a failed attempt to open the rear hatch of the SUV, the suspect walked to the driver’s door and tried to open it, prompting at least one officer to fire on him again. Police then sent in a service dog, which subdued the bleeding man and allowed them to get him back into custody.

SDPD homicide detectives are investigating the case, which is standard in cases involving officer shootings, whether or not they result in loss of life.

Bergman was treated for non-life threatening injuries and booked into the county jail when he was released from the hospital. No officers were injured.

Yi has been with the San Diego Police Department for six years, Rodriguez for 10 months, and Arreola for eight years, authorities said.

— Staff and City News Service reports

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