Shotgun removed from car
Chula Vista police remove a loaded weapon from the car of a person suspected of looting a maintenance building at Greg Rogers Park in Chula Vista. Photo via OnSceneTV.

Two people suspected of looting a park maintenance building were arrested Sunday morning in Chula Vista. A third suspect got away.

Police were alerted to the burglary by a resident who saw a female and two males enter the maintenance yard about 7 a.m. Sunday at Greg Rogers Park, located in the 1100 block of Oleander Avenue in Chula Vista, according to a report by OnSceneTV.

When officers arrived, they arrested a woman who was sitting in a car where tools and a loaded sawed-off shotgun were found. Two men at the scene split up, with one able to escape by running away and the other captured.

The suspected thieves are accused of stealing about $4,000 worth of industrial tools from the maintenance building. It’s thought the suspects made several trips to remove the equipment.

A bolt cutter was used to cut chain from a security gate, as well as locks on the shed that housed the tools.

According to the report, in addition to commercial burglary and possession of an illegal weapon, the suspects with be charged with looting during a state of emergency.

— Staff report

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