Authorities put suspect in car.
Authorities place one of two kidnapping suspects in a car. The two suspects were arrested Friday in Mount Hope after allegedly holding another male overnight and demanding ransom for his release.

Two kidnapping suspects were arrested Friday afternoon in Mount Hope, just moments after being paid a ransom for the victim’s release, according to media reports.

The males, whose ages were not given, allegedly held a male overnight, contacting the victim’s family and friends to demand cash for his release. The amount was not disclosed.

The San Diego Police Department was notified of the kidnapping and started an investigation along with the FBI.

Law enforcement officers were waiting at Dennis V Allen Park, located between Gateway Center Drive and Boundary Street, when the suspects arrived with the victim. The suspects were given a cash ransom, and released the victim, who joined a female who was waiting there.

Authorities followed the suspects to the parking lot of a nearby Burger King in Gateway Center on Market Street, just east of Interstate 15, and made the arrests about 1:40 p.m. Friday.

The victim was not injured.

— Staff report