Contents of a typical rape kit. Photo credit:

Mayor Kevin Faulconer reiterated Monday that the San Diego Police Department will take “immediate steps” to test a backlog of sexual assault kits.

“All sexual assault kits should be tested and tested in full. I have discussed this with Chief Nisleit and he is in agreement. SDPD is taking immediate steps to ensure its internal procedures reflect this principle,” Faulconer said in a statement.

“The city’s priority will always be the victim and ensuring that justice is served,” Faulconer added.

Police Chief David Nisleit announced last Wednesday that the department will work with a private laboratory to test a backlog of 1,700 rape kits.

The mayor’s statement came in response to a question from the San Diego Union-Tribune last week and was not widely reported. His office reissued the statement on Monday.

The police department has come under scrutiny not just for the backlog, but because of allegations of incomplete testing of the samples for the kits. Nisleit said that moving forward, all six genetic samples collected would be tested.

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