Lifeguard truck
A San Diego Lifeguards rescue vehicle. Photo by Alexander Nguyen

Lifeguards rescued four people at local beaches Sunday, according to San Diego Lifeguard Services.

The aided one person in the water at Pacific Beach and three in Mission Beach.

In addition, there were 20 medical emergencies at Pacific Beach and six at Mission Beach.

San Diego faced rising temperatures this weekend, making the beach an attractive destination. By 5 p.m. Sunday, crowds at Pacific Beach were estimated at about 16,000. There were about 20,000 people at Mission Beach,  lifeguard officials said.

Preventive acts, such as moving swimmers and boogie boarders out of rip currents, keeping swimmers and  surfers apart, and issuing alcohol warnings, totaled 70 at Pacific Beach and 78 at Mission Beach.

 – City News Service

Updated 7:05 p.m.

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