water pipes, watermain
Photo via Pixabay

A water main break at an intersection in Valley Center Friday morning resulted in a 20-foot hole and left hundreds of residents without water for the day.

The water main broke a little before 6 a.m. at Paradise Mountain Road and Latigo Road, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. The break caused a 20-foot wide hole on the right shoulder of the eastbound lanes of Paradise Mountain Road.

The water was shut off at 7 a.m. as repairs began. Authorities estimated that 400 residents would be without water until about 7 p.m. while the break is repaired. Valley Center Municipal Water used “Call-Em-All,” a reverse 911-type system, to notify affected customers.

Valley Center Fire, County Roads and the Valley Center Municipal Water District responded to repair the road.

–City News Service