San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office at the County Operations Center.
San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office at the County Operations Center. Photo by Ken Stone

Authorities Saturday publicly named the woman believed to have been killed by her own son at an Ocean Beach home earlier this week.

Heidi Green, 59, of Los Angeles County, was found in the garage of a home in the 5000 block of Niagara Avenue on Wednesday, according to San Diego Police Lt. Matthew Dobbs.

The discovery of her body prompted SWAT officers to surround the home she was found in and another one less than a half mile away on Wednesday morning in an attempt to find her suspected killer — one of her sons. The suspect turned up in La Mesa the following day after what started as a trespassing investigation turned into an officer-involved shooting, and was arrested.

The events that led to the discovery of the woman’s body began shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday, when a man called the San Diego Police Department to ask for a welfare check at the Niagara Avenue home.

“The caller said a family member had received a message from his mother, which caused them to be concerned,” Dobbs said. “They attempted to call her back but could not reach her. The family believed she (had been) checking on a property in the … neighborhood.”

Unable to get into the residence, patrol personnel began checking the surrounding area to see if they could find the woman. As the officers searched, the son returned to the home. Seeing his brother, 36-year-old Daniel Chase McKibben, running away from the residence, the man forced entry into the garage and discovered Green’s body.

SWAT officers headed to the residence around 5 a.m. to determine if McKibben had returned. Officer evacuated nearby apartments and shut down an intersection during the effort, but determined the suspect was not at the home.

Officers then headed to another home at Cable Street and Del Mar Avenue where it was believed McKibben could be hiding, but after several hours of trying to contact him with bullhorns, they discovered he wasn’t there, either.

McKibben was unaccounted for until Thursday morning, when La Mesa police received a report of a man armed with a knife and refusing to leave a home on Rainey Street near Bob Street.

Police headed to that home just before 9:30 a.m., and during an ensuing confrontation, one of the officers opened fire on the suspect, wounding him in a hand and shoulder, La Mesa Police Lt. Brian Stoney said. Medics took the suspect, who turned out to be McKibben, to a hospital, where he was admitted in stable condition.

McKibben remained hospitalized in police custody on Saturday.

–City News Service

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