Police on scene of the alleged attack in Old Town, which resulted in the arrest of 31-year-old Jason Lee Jones. Photo: OnSceneTV

A man who beat and raped a woman in 2011, then seven years later pulled a gun on an Old Town hotel employee and demanded sex from her in the hotel’s women’s restroom, was sentenced Tuesday to 26 years in state prison.

Jason Lee Jones, 32, pleaded guilty last month to charges of forcible rape and assault with intent to commit oral copulation for the two crimes.

The victims were not the only women that Jones “has left in his wake,” according to Deputy District Attorney Nicole Roth.

In addition to those two cases, Jones has a prior false imprisonment conviction from 2009, as well as a false imprisonment and indecent exposure case from 2016, in which he was spotted masturbating in the bathroom of a university, Roth said.

In the 2011 case, Jones “beat, strangled, punched and raped” the victim in her home, according to the prosecutor.

That victim, identified only as Jane Doe, testified at the sentencing hearing that Jones “ripped away what little self-worth I had at the time” and that she “spent so much time hating myself” afterward.

Jones was arrested last May 1 for attacking another woman in the lobby area women’s restroom of the Hilton Garden Inn. The victim in that case, a Hilton Garden Inn employee, went into the restroom and saw Jones come out of one of the stalls.

Roth said Jones had stolen a BB gun from an area Walmart earlier that day, and used the weapon to threaten the woman and demand oral sex, but she was able to flee. Jones had also been spotted by another employee viewing pornography on a hotel computer near the restrooms earlier that day, Roth said.

After leaving the hotel, Roth said Jones went into the women’s restroom of a Caltrans office across the street and waited there to prey on another victim. A Caltrans employee walked into the restroom, but screamed and ran upon seeing Jones, according to the prosecutor.

Jones was arrested about six hours after the hotel confrontation.

Superior Court Judge Polly H. Shamoon said Jones was a “predator” and “every woman’s, every mother’s, daughter’s, sister’s nightmare.”

Shamoon called the 26-year sentence a second chance, given the defendant would have faced the possibility of life imprisonment if convicted on other charges, including burglary with intent to commit oral copulation and false imprisonment.

Shamoon said she did not know if 26 years would be enough to reform Jones.

“I can assure you that if you get out and anything like this happens again, it will be your life,” she told him.

— City News Service

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