Leo Valentine. Photo courtesy of San Diego State Police Department

San Diego State and San Diego police were searching for an at-large parolee in the College area for most of the afternoon Wednesday.

The suspect was identified as Leo Valentine, San Diego police Officer John Buttle said. Valentine was wanted for a felony warrant but Buttle did not know what the warrant was for.

Valentine reported fled into the canyon area near the College Trolley Station on Alvarado Road and College Avenue around 3 p.m. San Diego State students were warned to be on the lookout for Valentine, who was described as a black man, wearing a blue T-shirt, gray cargo shorts with hair pulled back.

Students were urged to avoid the area while the search was ongoing. Police called off the search for Valentine around 5 p.m. While the search was going on, the campus was never on lockdown, campus police said.

Anyone with information about Valentine was urged to contact SDSU Campus Police at (619) 954-1991.

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