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Seven alleged gang members and associates from Oceanside and a manager of two hotels in that northern San Diego County city admitted in federal court Thursday to participating in a racketeering conspiracy involving drug trafficking, prostitution and other serious crimes.

Entering guilty pleas in the case were Shane “Tiny West” Anderson, 25; Richard “Face” Cleveland, 37; Demetrius “Mecchi Ruu” McFarland, 23; Larry Monroe, 59; Umesh “Kevin” Oza, 32; Ameer “Tiny Dum” Roby, 36; and Michael “Du-Low” Sullivan, 33.

Another defendant, 33-year-old Peter “Lil’ Burger” Miranda, admitted guilt to the same charge last week.

The crimes committed by the members of the conspiracy — including assaults, robberies and attempted murder — primarily occurred between 2004 and February 2017, court documents state.

Much like a crime family, the defendants took on various responsibilities within their criminal enterprise, with some selling narcotics, others overseeing prostitutes and the hotel manager providing a safe haven for the illegal activities, according to prosecutors.

“Gang members and associates and those who assist them continue to plague our community with violence, drugs and other crimes,” acting U.S. Attorney Alana Robinson said. “Our office will continue to use any and all resources to combat the problem.”

Sentencing for the defendants who entered guilty pleas is scheduled for Nov. 27. Four remaining defendants in the case are scheduled to appear for a status hearing Sept. 22.

–City News Service