Authorities Monday publicly identified a 47-year old man who was fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies after he allegedly became belligerent and menacing as they were trying to evict him from his Park West apartment.

James Lacy of San Diego was pronounced dead at a hospital Friday morning, shortly after the violent confrontation with the Court Services Bureau personnel in the 2000 block of Second Avenue, according to police.

When deputies Sean Ochoa and Don Wood arrived at Lacy’s residence just before 8 a.m. and told him why they were there, he became hostile, yelling at them through a locked door and allegedly threatening to kill them.

“The deputies forced the security door open, and as they were entering the apartment, the suspect threatened to get a firearm and shoot them,” Lt. Mike Holden said.

Lacy then ran into a bedroom, reappearing moments later holding what the lawmen believed was a pistol.

“As he moved the (object) in their direction, both deputies fired several rounds from their department-issued handguns,” Holden said.

Lacy, mortally wounded, retreated back into his bedroom. The deputies followed and performed CPR on him prior to the arrival of paramedics.

While searching Lacy’s apartment, investigators found a replica handgun in his bedroom, Holden said.

Ochoa and Wood have served as deputies for 17 and nine years, respectively.

–City News Service