A fight in Ocean Beach that left one man with stab wounds and the other facing charges may have stemmed from the suspect’s harassment of the victim’s female friend, police said Tuesday.

The suspect, whose name was not immediately available, drove up to an apartment building near the intersection of Voltaire and Ebers streets where the victim and his friend were working Monday evening to renovate an upstairs unit, started honking his horn and whistling at the woman, who was apparently visible from the parking lot below, according to San Diego Police Officer John Buttle.

The victim went out onto the balcony and began arguing with the suspect, who challenged him to come down to fight. The victim told the suspect to leave the property, Buttle said.

The suspect initially left as directed, but came back shortly before 6:30 p.m., took a ladder from his truck and climbed up to the balcony where the victim was scraping paint off a window. The knife-wielding suspect charged at him, but the victim struck him with the paint scraper, which caused him to crash through the window, according to the officer.

The two began grappling on the floor and at some point the suspect stabbed the victim twice in his leg. The victim punched the suspect, which knocked him “partially unconscious,” Buttle said.

The victim and his friend then ran to a nearby fire station for help.

Responding officers arrested the suspect with the help of a police dog, and he along with the victim were taken to a hospital to be treated for non- life-threatening injuries, Buttle said.

—City News Service