An Escondido Police cruiser. Photo courtesy Escondido Police.

A 5-year-old kindergartner is under investigation Friday after he brought a pellet gun to class at Oak Hill Elementary School in Escondido and allegedly threatened his teacher with it, according to police.

School resource officers were called to the campus Thursday after the teacher had safely gotten the gun away from the child. Students apparently were not threatened, said Escondido Police Lt. Ed Varso.

“He pulled the gun from his backpack and did something threatening toward the teacher in some fashion,” Varso said. “School officials and resource officers are meeting today to determine how to handle the situation.”

Varso said it would not be a criminal matter because of the student’s age, but officers will have to make sure that there is not a child endangerment issue at the boy’s home.

The Escondido Unified School District will be responsible for what, if any, punishment the boy should face, Varso said.

—City News Service

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