Photo Credit: San Diego District Attorney's Office
Photo Credit: San Diego District Attorney’s Office

Updated at 7:12 P.M., Wednesday Dec. 16

The Department of State Hospitals has proposed the relocation of a Sexually Violent Predator to the rural East County community of Jacumba Hot Springs for outpatient treatment on Wednesday.

Ural Davis, 49, has a history of criminal offenses including kidnap with intent to rape, forced oral copulation with a minor under age 14 and rape by force, according to the Megan’s law database of sex offenders. CBS8 said he was set to serve a prison sentence of 27 years starting on 1993.

In 2009, Davis was found to be a sexually violent predator and was ordered to undergo treatment at a state hospital, according to the city news service. In August 2014, Davis requested that a court find him suitable for outpatient treatment. After a trial last month, a judge granted Davis’ request.

“This serial predator is a sick man who belongs behind bars for his multiple felonies, including rape and kidnapping for sexual purposes,” said Supervisor Dianne Jacob in response to Wednesday’s announcement.

“Dumping him in Jacumba Hot Springs is a terrible idea, and I will continue to fight the placement criminals in East County. Enough is enough.”

His specific address would be 45612 Old Highway 80, Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 9134.

The public will have a chance to voice their opinions on this proposal at a hearing on Jan. 22 at 9 a.m. in Department 28 of the San Diego Superior Court in downtown San Diego, said the District’s Attorney Office.

The San Diego Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force (SAFE) will collect the public’s comments and include these in a formal response to the court, according to a media report. The Department of State Hospitals and the San Diego Superior Court bear the sole responsibility for the placement of Davis.

Public commentary will be accepted between Dec. 16 and Dec. 22, and can be sent to to called in to (858) 495-3619, said the media report. They will be forwarded to the DSH and the Superior Court from there.

More information about SVP can be found at the San Diego DA’s website and the DSH website. Alerts about sex offenders in local neighborhoods can be found at