Photo credit: Wiki Commons
Photo credit: Wiki Commons

A Valley Center ranch owner accused of selling an intravenous treatment to terminally ill people, knowing that it wouldn’t be effective, was ordered to stand trial on six charges, including treating the sick without a certificate and grand theft.

Robert Oldham Young, 62, was held to answer on six of 22 charges following a weeklong preliminary hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Gina Darvas alleged Young — an internationally known proponent of alternative medicine — went beyond advocating dietary changes and used intravenous “treatments” on people he housed at his avocado ranch and health center, a number of whom died.

Young engaged in medical practices that only a doctor can do, the prosecutor said on Wednesday.

But defense attorney Paul Pfingst said the sick people who came to see Young knew he wasn’t a doctor. When patients needed to be injected with needles, Young hired licensed doctors and nurses to perform those tasks, Pfingst said.

A Superior Court arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 20.

—City News Service