Officers used to angry people instead faced down one infuriated feline last week, when a woman called and said the cat had cornered its owners in their Chula Vista home.

According to, Chula Vista police came to the rescue in the 4000 block of Neptune Court in the pre-dawn hours last Thursday. A woman and her adult daughter told police they needed rescue from the cat after they hid inside inside a bedroom in the residence.

Docile pussy cat or furious feline? Chula Vista police know the answer. Photo credit:

The cat, they said, was not letting them leave the room.

The women told 911 dispatchers that if they tried to exit the room, the cat became angrier. Officers responded, but no standoff ensued – three officers watched over the doorway of the house, but didn’t have to intervene – and eventually the cat came out on its own.

No word on the gender of the peeved puss.

One of the women looked to be elderly, while the other was middle-aged.

A neighbor said the mother and daughter have at least two cats and one of them is known for having a temper, especially if  a stray cat wanders by. 

“He’s just a ball of fury I guess,” neighbor Karen Yarger told 10 News.