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If you’re a mushroom lover, think Shitake, Portobello, or just plain everyday white mushrooms, you’re in luck.

Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farms, a local family-owned grower, launched as an online subscription and delivery service providing fresh, organic, locally grown mushrooms directly to customers in San Diego County.  

Mountain Meadow said it has been cultivating mushrooms for over 70 years, using organic and sustainable farming methods.

The farm’s goal is to provide high-quality organic mushrooms to San Diego County residents while promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.  

The launch of is seen as a natural extension of the family’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and provides customers with a direct link to the farm’s fresh, high-quality, organic mushrooms.  

“By launching, we are excited to provide San Diego County residents with fresh, locally grown, organic mushrooms in a way that is convenient and affordable,” said Roberto Ramirez, owner of Mountain Meadow. “We believe that by promoting sustainable agriculture practices and connecting our community with our local farm, we can help create a healthier and more sustainable food system for everyone.” currently offers more than a dozen mushroom types, including shiitake, portobello, cremini, and oyster mushrooms. All mushrooms are picked fresh from the farm and delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep to ensure maximum freshness and flavor, according to Ramirez.  

To ensure quality and freshness, Mountain Meadow said its team carefully selects only the best mushrooms for delivery. The company offers a subscription service, which provides customers with regular deliveries of fresh mushrooms.  

“By offering a subscription service, we hope to make it easy and convenient for San Diego County residents to incorporate fresh, organic mushrooms into their diets,” Ramirez said. “Our goal is to provide customers with a healthy, sustainable, and delicious option for meal planning.”  

To place an order, customers can visit and choose the mushroom types and quantities they would like to purchase. By partnering with a local farm, customers can reduce their carbon footprint and support a healthy environment.  

“We want everyone in San Diego County to eventually have access to fresh, organic mushrooms, regardless of their budget or location,” said Ramirez. “We believe that by making our service affordable and accessible, we can help promote healthy, sustainable living throughout our community.”  

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