Courtesy of WTF Waffles

Jerry Villasenor said the food industry is a challenging one. He said you’re either boring or you’re constantly evolving. For Villasenor, he chooses the latter, which is why his food truck business, WTF Waffles, continues to garner foodie fans.

Prior to entering the food industry, Villasenor said he often traveled for work and enjoyed trying different food trucks. He also enjoyed cooking. 

“My grandmother told me at a young age that a real man knows how to cook for his woman,”  Villasenor said. “So it was instilled in me to learn how to cook great food for, not only my future  wife, but for my family.” 

In 2016, he decided to take his food to the next level. He studied the art of making the perfect Belgian waffle and began meeting with chefs. 

Courtesy of WTF Waffles

“I learned different approaches [to making Belgian waffles] and in the end I added my own touch,” Villasenor said. “I have always been intrigued by food that is sweet and savory as well as delicious.” 

Villasenor’s work paid off. Today, his popular waffles, which come in an assortment of styles and toppings receive rave reviews. He also offers gourmet snow cones. 

“Hands down the taste of the waffle alone is what we get complimented on the most,” Villasenor said. “We love to see people who have never tried us say at the beginning, ‘WTF Waffles?’ Once they have a waffle, we love to watch them say ‘WTF, that was so good!’’

In the near future, more foodies will be able to enjoy WTF Waffles as Villasenor plans to franchise and open a brick and mortar location. He also offers catering services. 

“When we do any special events, we take it very seriously because what the guests think of the food is a reflection on the person or company who hired us,” Villasenor said. “We feel very proud that we have always left all our guests extremely satisfied.”

For more information, follow WTF Waffles on Instagram at @wtfwafflesocal.