Sidewalk vendors
Sidewalk vendors at Balboa Park. Courtesy City of San Diego

A new ordinance governing sidewalk vending went into effect over the weekend in the coastal areas of San Diego after a six-month delay.

The new rules took effect June 22 in others areas of the city, but required the California Coastal Commission to sign off before enforcement along the coast.

Under the ordinance, vendors must obtain a permit from the city and post it along with a photo ID, keep a 15-foot distance from other sidewalk vendors, not operate past sundown in parks and residential areas, and not use speakers or make other noise.

During the summer, vending would be prohibited in shoreline areas of Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla, and at all times on beach boardwalks and other high-traffic sidewalks.

The rules also require vendors to keep their areas clean, provide a trash container and ensure that sidewalks and driveways are not blocked.

“This ordinance will allow vendors to come into the formal economy while setting balanced regulations that support vendor compliance, promote public health and safety, and protect access to the city’s public spaces, including coastal areas,” said Councilmember Jennifer Campbell, who led efforts to pass the ordinance.

Vending permits must be renewed annually. Enforcement in the coastal area begins Feb. 1.

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.