North Park street scene
A man walks past a storefront that has been graffitied and painted over on University Avenue in North Park, Nov. 15, 2022. (Zoë Meyers/inewsource)

More than 500 owners of commercial and residential properties in a bustling North Park business district will pay a new tax in the new year to help improve the neighborhood. 

The new tax was approved by property owners in the district earlier this year and will take effect after a similar tax sunsets at the end of December. Under the new tax, property owners will pay an average of 29% more per parcel of land than they previously paid, according to an inewsource analysis of tax projections provided by the city.

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The new tax will impact 604 parcels, including 116 new parcels that were not affected by the previous tax. 

The district spans North Park, running east-west along University Avenue between Florida and 32nd streets, and north-south along 30th Street, which intersects with University. The area is home to many restaurants, bars, niche retail shops, houses and multifamily homes. 

While some neighbors welcome the additional money to clean up the district, many property owners don’t want to pay the extra tax, designed to pay for services above and beyond what the city already provides. Of the 223 property owners who voted on whether to create the new tax district, 40% voted against it. 

Property owners’ votes were weighted based on the value of the property they owned in the district.

The North Park neighborhood also is unique in San Diego in terms of how much it’s taxed. It is the only community where some of its property owners pay three separate taxes for upkeep and other improvements.

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