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Encinitas resident Lyda Hanson said she knew from a young age that she wanted to have her own company someday. Now, at 24, she’s living her dream.

Hanson, and brothers Spencer and Wyatt, are the siblings behind Suntide Mimosas, canned drinks made with real juice and sparkling California wine. The drinks can now be found in stores in California Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Oklahoma. 

Hanson said she thought of Suntide Mimosas during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I had the extra time away from school to learn about the feasibility of bringing something like this to life,” she said. “I really had a great feeling about this idea. After reaching out to everyone I knew in the beverage industry, I came in contact with an experienced consultant who specifically worked on select early-stage beverage projects.”

Why mimosas? Hanson said she learned there weren’t any “nationally recognized ready-to-drink mimosa brand.” 

Hanson siblings. Courtesy photo

“I personally found the mimosa to be the perfect drink – it was lighter than a beer, tastier than a seltzer, and felt a bit more low-key than a hard-proof cocktail,” she said. “The big problem I found with mimosas? While the ingredients may be simple, leftover ingredients can be a pain and a waste! More often than not, you are left with flat champagne and half-empty orange juice cartons.”

Determined to fill that gap in the beverage industry, Hanson recruited her brothers to help launch Suntide. So far, she said, it’s been an experience she values. 

“Working with my brothers, Spencer and Wyatt, has been a really cool experience,” she said. “I’ve always been keenly aware of their respective talents and strengths, however, seeing them implement these strengths in a work environment has been eye-opening to what they are capable of achieving both in their immediate and long-term futures. The experience has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding and has strengthened our relationship outside of working with each other.” 

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