Alex Feldman. Courtesy photo

For licensed optician and Del Mar business owner Alex Feldman, his career highlights include the impact he’s made on customers’ lives. For some of those customers, the impact is life-changing. 

Feldman, who followed in his parents’ footsteps in the optics industry, is the owner of Alexander Daas, a company known for personalizing their products to the needs of customers. Feldman, who recently opened a new Del Mar location, said he strives to give customers an exclusive experience. 

“The stories that really stand out to me are those where people get emotional when they receive their eyewear because they often struggle for years finding the right frame and properly executed lens,” Feldman said. “We provide a level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled with our in-house lab specialists and eyewear knowledge.” 

The company, Alexander Daas, has been in business since 1979 when it was founded by Feldman’s parents. Feldman took over the reins in 2006, launched an eyewear brand in 2010, and expanded to Los Angeles and San Diego thereafter. 

“We are not your traditional eye center,” Feldman said. “We are truly unique eyewear stylists at the intersection of medical and fashion. Our staff is trained to proactively style and educate customers on lens technology and provide eyewear tips they wouldn’t typically know.”

The service remained even during the height of the pandemic when thousands of businesses shuttered. 

“Like for many, it was a vulnerable time,” Feldman said. “Everyone around us was closing down temporarily. While things were unknown, we knew we wanted to continue servicing the community, especially when people were spending so much time in front of screens, books and board games.”

Feldman said he and his team offered customers free repairs, cleanings and emergency lens replacements as the community grappled with COVID-19. His support for the community isn’t stopping there. 

Feldman is planning an event with Danish eyewear line, Lindberg, on Thursday, April 21 with a portion of proceeds benefiting Ukrainian refugees.

“We’ve been deeply engaged,” Feldman said. “I’m always looking for ways to support.” 

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