Sun rises in Encinitas
The sun rises over Encinitas on a hot morning. REUTERS/Mike Blake/file photo

So far this week, California and Texas have passed a major heat wave test that stressed their power systems with record demand amid generator outages in Texas and reduced electricity imports into California.

The California ISO, which operates the grid in most of the state, said demand this week peaked on Thursday at 41,364 megawatts and was expected to come in close at 41,349 megawatts on Friday, the last day of the heat wave.

High temperatures have topped 110 degrees Fahrenheit for much of this week in parts of California, Arizona and Nevada.

Power grid operators in Texas and California urged consumers to conserve energy this week to reduce strain on the electric system and avoid outages as homes and businesses kept air-conditioners cranked up.

Over the past year, both states have imposed rotating or controlled outages to prevent more widespread collapses of their power systems — California during a heat wave in August 2020 and Texas during a brutal freeze in February 2021.

Both grids kept calls for conservation in effect for Friday, though temperatures, power demand and prices were all lower in both states compared with earlier in the week. However, officials said anything can happen if a major power plant or transmission line fails.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.