“Warbucks and Annie,” aka Chris and Emily Hoolihan, from 2005 at the Star Theatre. Courtesy photo

La Costa resident Chris Hoolihan said his dream of 10 years is finally coming to life. Hoolihan, a veterinarian, will soon open the Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital in Oceanside after years of community involvement, including as an actor.

Hoolihan, who has been a veterinarian for more than 20 years, has also starred as “Daddy Warbucks” in the nearby Star Theatre’s “Annie” production. After being involved in the neighborhood theatre for two decades, Hoolihan said he knew he wanted to bring his practice to Oceanside.

“We have been blessed to be involved with and to support the amazing Star Theatre in Oceanside since it opened 20 years ago,” he said. “Doing shows there or coming to support the great live theatre scene in Oceanside over the years has given us the opportunity to fall in love with this neighborhood. The vibe is so beautiful here and there are animals everywhere.  The needs of the community for a veterinary hospital and our desire to become involved even more in this area seemed to be in sync.”

Hoolihan said the April opening of his Oceanside practice is the result of “10-plus years of dreaming out loud over beers at one of the local brew pubs after a show with our local friends.”

Dr. Chris Hoolihan. Courtesy photo

The owner of two other local clinics — Penasquitos Pet Clinic and Bonsall Pet Hospital — Hoolihan said he plans to offer pets and their owners an “inclusive and welcoming” veterinary experience. 

“We will be looking to provide the very best veterinary care for the patients of downtown Oceanside and South O,” he said.  “We want to help them care for their pets and be there for them for the entire pet life cycle and do so with a neighborly kindness and understanding that caters to their personal needs and to those of their furry friends.”

As for his acting career? Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted theatre productions but he’s looking forward to being involved in the neighborhood arts community again. He’s also grateful to have a family, including his wife and three children, who are also involved in the arts and community. 

“COVID 19 has put a damper on so many things, but a lack of live performance has been one of the hardest things for me and my family personally,” Hoolihan said. “We miss our theater community so much and it is heartbreaking to see how hard it has been for the performance community both economically and spiritually. I can honestly say I look forward, for once, to shaving my head in the middle of December 2021 to get back up on stage for ‘Annie’ once again at the Star Theatre in Oceanside.” 

For more information about Dr. Chris Hoolihan or the Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital, go to neighborhoodvethospital.com.

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