Photo courtesy of Sydney Tran.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority awarded its “Fly Quiet Awards” to four airlines, recognizing efforts to reduce arrival and departure noise near the San Diego International Airport, it announced Thursday.

The airport authority, in collaboration with the Airport Noise Advisory Committee, introduced the Fly Quiet Program in 2017 to encourage airlines to work collaboratively with the airport and the community to operate as quietly as possible in the San Diego area.

The Fly Quiet program uses a scoring system based on scientific metrics that measure how quietly they operate, such as the types of aircraft they use, how loud those aircraft are and their adherence to San Diego International Airport’s curfew, which prohibits departures between 11:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Four airlines are being celebrated for their efforts to reduce the noise impact in 2019. The winners:

  • United Airlines – Large Domestic Carrier: United Airlines had only one penalized curfew violation throughout 2019. It also cancelled 14 departures that would have resulted in a violation of the curfew.
  • Allegiant Air  – Small Domestic Carrier: Allegiant Air transitioned its fleet to quieter Airbus A319 aircraft.
  • Japan Airlines – International Carrier: Japan Airlines predominantly relied on the Boeing 787, a new generation of aircraft with several noise-reduction features. The airline has never had a curfew violation in the seven years of operation at the airport.
  • And American Airlines – Most Improved Carrier: American Airlines improved its 2019 score by 17% over 2018. Airport staff worked closely with the airline to develop a strategy that brought the curfew violation decision-making process to a local level. The decision to keep it local reduced penalized violations in 2019 by nearly 70%.

“On behalf of the Airport Authority and Board of Directors, I thank the Fly Quiet Award winners for their ongoing commitment to reduce the noise in our community,” said Kim Becker, president and CEO of the airport authority. “We continue to work with all airlines at SAN, encouraging them to fly quieter aircraft and strictly adhere to the curfew.”

For more information about the Fly Quiet program and to learn about other ways the airport authority is working with airlines and the community to reduce noise, go to

— City News Service