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The Patio Group announces the new Baja-inspired menu Fireside by The Patio, Liberty Station’s outdoor dining experience of wood-fired cuisine. New Corporate Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles has revamped Fireside by The Patio which started with the new “SoCal Americana” Brunch menu in April and has now launched the “Wood Fired Baja California BBQ” dinner menu. The idea for the new menu was born out of introducing Americana BBQ flavors to the spice of Baja California cuisine. Chef Jarrod’s goal is to reintroduce wood fired cuisine to San Diego with a new refreshed flavor pallet.

“The inspiration for creating Wood Fired Baja California BBQ sprung from falling in love with how Southern Californian’s learn and adopt recipes and ingredients coming out of the Baja food scene,” Moiles said. “One of my intentions for refreshing the menu was to bring Fireside new flavors that keeps it exciting for the community. The flavors are brought out by the wood and smoke influencing each ingredient playing a major role in the dishes whether it be smoked meats, roasted vegetables or even Ono being seared directly on the embers of the wood. We hope the new menu will entice guests’ taste buds and bring people together to share a great meal.”

Dishes and ingredients were chosen based on how well they mix with the rich flavors of the wood and smoke. A new top menu item includes the Grilled Octopus with avocado salad, nopales pico de gallo, chorizo, agave and tamarind. The octopus is grilled and then tossed in a sweet agave and tamarind glaze. The nopales are cleaned and charred over the wood coals to create a depth of flavor. Lastly, the chorizo gives a little spice to the whole dish while the avocado balances it out.

“The grilled octopus is a perfect example of how all the flavors are affected by the smoke and wood differently and come together in a harmonious balance. It’s a fun dish that represents Fireside and a lot of flavors from Baja together,” Moiles said.

Other highlights include the brand-new section “From the Sea” featuring new seafood dishes, the “Wood Fired” section with standouts like the Cowboy Platter and St. Louis Ribs and lastly the “The Tastes of Baja Americana” section with highlights like the Amber Roasted Local Ono, Mexican Street Corn, Wood Roasted Cauliflower and the Fireside Dirty Fry. The full new menu can be found here.

Fireside by The Patio will also be launching a new lunch menu in early July, offering new hours and deals. Lunch hours will be Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include counter service where guests can order at the bar then choose their seating on one of the vast patios and dishes will be brought out to guests.

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