South Cal Landscaping owner Daniel Barrera mows a lawn in Chula Vista, California on April 18, 2019. Barrera has used the GreenPal app to connect to homeowners in need of lawn services for the past year. Photo by Lauren J. Mapp

San Diegans looking  to spruce up their yards can now access lawn care professionals with the touch of an app. GreenPal, a Nashville-based tech company, has now officially launched its app service in San Diego after testing the market for almost a year.

Inspired by popular app-based services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, GreenPal co-founders wanted to easily connect lawn care companies to homeowners.

“If they were going to allow a stranger to sleep on her couch for 50 bucks over the weekend or let a stranger come pick them up and take them to the mall, at some point they’re going to do the same with lawn care,” said Gene Caballero, GreenPal co-founder.

To use the service, homeowners start by downloading the app. They then list pictures of their yards and descriptions of the work to receive bids from local lawn care professionals for lawn mowing, shrub trimming and to have their gardens tended to.

Yard work vendors — rated on a five-star system — respond with bids for the homeowners to choose from. The credit card on file is charged when the job is completed and the homeowner approves.

GreenPal collects 5 percent of each transaction, and the landscapers keep the rest.

Vendor Daniel Barrera, owner of South Cal Landscaping in Chula Vista, recommends GreenPal as an alternative to other lawn care apps he has used before.

“I’ve used other platforms, but it’s not the same,” Barrera said. “As the vendors we have more control of pricing where we can offer the client a better price or other platforms that I’ve used.”

Prior to bidding on jobs, GreenPal screens vendors as a measure for safety and quality.

“We make sure that they have a commercial grade equipment, references, pictures, a valid social security number and a valid bank account at an institution,” Caballero said.

There are currently about 75 vendors and 30,000 homeowners using GreenPal in San Diego, Caballero said.

GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero visits a lawn care vendor in Chula Vista on Aug. 18, 2019. Caballero, who worked as a gardener in college, launched the app with his co-founders after being inspired by service apps like Lyft and Airbnb. Photo by Lauren J. Mapp
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