Scott Kaplan (right) and Billy Ray Smith

Scott Kaplan, a former placekicker at the University of Pittsburgh, is not ready to punt when it comes to his longtime radio platform — the Mighty 1090.

In the wake of news that the sports-talk station was taken off the air just before noon Wednesday, he posted a video on Twitter in which he hints he may buy the former Padres flagship station.

Citing the station’s ratings and “great numbers,” Kaplan said: “What I’ve tried to implore our parent company is: Just get us time. I am planning to put a group together. And let’s build a really kick-ass modern-day media company. … I just got to the game.”

Kaplan said he had signed a nondisclosure agreement with parent company BCA.

“Gosh, I gotta be careful with what I’m saying,” he began during a chat laced with expletives.

“There’s intricate partnerships and relationships between the people who own the transmitter … and it happens to be south of the border, OK — and here’s our building in San Diego.”

He spoke of a “relationship issue between the company and the owner, and that’s as much as I probably should say,” but “additional parties [are] involved.”

Darren Smith, another 1090 host, said he learned about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday that “we have been taken off the air by the people who own our tower.”

An “incredibly disappointed” Smith said they no longer want to be partners with BCA Radio, but for “legal reasons .. I cannot share some of the stuff that was shared.” reported that after losing their leases to operate the Mexican licenses of Classic Hits “105.7 Max-FM” XEPRS-FM and Sports “ESPN 1700” XEPE Tijuana/San Diego, “Broadcast Company of the Americas may have lost the rights to operate Sports “Mighty 1090” XEPRS Rosarito MX.”

“XEPRS’ Sports programming has been replaced by a simulcast of Bi-Media’s “Ultra 104.9” KJAV-FM Alamo/McAllen TX. Both XEPRS and Bi-Media are owned by the Bichara family. The station’s online stream is carrying ESPN Radio network programming,” the site said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune quoted Mike Glickenhaus of BCA as saying: “We have lost our connection in Mexico and are working to get this resolved.”

In late December, the Union-Tribune reported that Glickenhaus was “hopeful everything can be worked out” to preserve the current sports format and talent lineup.

On Thursday, Andrés Bichara of Interamericana de Radio, signal operator for the station, tweeted “BCA hasn’t pay (sic) their duties since 4 months ago. That’s why 1090 is off the air.”

As first reported by the Union-Tribune, “the company responsible for transmitting the daily broadcasts claimed the station operator, Broadcast Company of the Americas, was behind in its lease payments.”

“A recent snafu between two other BCA stations in San Diego and a business partner in Baja California resulted in 105.7-FM going off the air and 1700-AM switching from ESPN and local sports play-by-play to Spanish-language content,” said the U-T’s Tom Krasovic.

Smith said Glickenhaus had a somber look Wednesday when he informed the crew of the impending loss of signal.

Kaplan said in his Twitter video: “My ask to the owners of the signal was: Give me a little time. My ask to the parent company was: Give me a little time.”

He said that when the Chargers left San Diego, “and people said 1090 was going down, we weathered the storm. This one doesn’t even feel heavy compared to other ones. What we ought to do tomorrow was broadcast the morning show on the app.”

Updated at 10 p.m. April 11, 2019

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