Made in San Diego beer
Made in San Diego will be available on draft later this month; six-pack 12 oz. cans are scheduled to roll out countywide at the end of May. Photo: Ballast Point Brewing Company

A San Diego-branded beer brewed by a local company is paying tribute to the region while also giving back to the small business community.

Ballast Point Brewing Company announced the release Thursday of its new “Made in San Diego” beer – made available exclusively in San Diego County – in partnership with San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.

As part of a “give back initiative,” for every case sold of the Made in San Diego brew 50 cents will be donated to the EDC Foundation Entrepreneurship Fund. The multi-year partnership will provide San Diego entrepreneurs with resources to launch and grow their small businesses and will raise up to $25,000 each year for the program, according to a joint statement from Ballast Point and San Diego Regional EDC.

“As a brewery that has called San Diego home for over two decades, we couldn’t be more excited about this announcement,” said Marty Birkel, president of Ballast Point. “This community has embraced us from a small home brew supply shop to a globally distributed brewery, and we want to honor our hometown supporters while empowering other local business owners to pursue their passion – just like Ballast Point did.”

In 2017, Ballast Point generated $537 million “of total economic activity in the region,” according to the joint statement. The company directly employs approximately 375 people locally, but its presence in the region impacts roughly 1,074 jobs, the statement continued.

“Ballast Point is a great steward in supporting the local economy and local businesses,” said Lauree Sahba, chief operating officer of San Diego Regional EDC. “In fact, EDC found that for every direct job Ballast Point creates, another 1.9 jobs are supported elsewhere in the region. Ballast Point embodies the life-changing spirit that EDC is promoting, so when they approached us about the Made in San Diego initiative, we knew it would be a partnership the community would embrace.”

Made in San Diego is a German-style Kolsch beer, light in color, featuring “toasted bread aroma and flavor from Munich malt and a soft bitterness from Cascade and Mosaic hops,” according to Ballast Point.

The beer’s packaging pays homage to cities and neighborhoods across the San Diego region.

Made in San Diego will be available on draft locally later this month; six-pack 12 oz. cans are scheduled to roll out countywide at the end of May.