Campland on The Bay in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. Courtesy ofhte camp

Campland on the Bay, one of Mission Bay’s original lessees, on Tuesday reported the highest occupancy and revenue in 2017 in more than a decade.

The campground said it generated $2.8 million in city rent and transient occupancy tax in 2017, up from $2.6 million  in 2016. The camp recorded 121,974 site nights of reservations, and in July 2017 achieved an 80.3 percent occupancy rate, with the July 4 weekend sold out.

“Campland on the Bay is proud to be an important economic driver for Mission Bay Park and the city of San Diego,” said Jacob Gelfand, Campland’s vice president of operations. “Campland’s growth in occupancy over the past decade illustrates how the demand for waterfront camping and recreation continues to rise.”

“We’re seeing more and more millennials investing in both new and vintage RVs, camper vans, tents and other forms of camping as an affordable, friendly-friendly way to access the laid-back fun and natural beauty that makes Mission Bay the jewel of San Diego,” he added.

Campland on the Bay opened in 1969 as one of the first commercial leaseholds in Mission Bay Park. Campers routinely line up before dawn to reserve their favorite campsite up to two years in advance.

The business employs 150 people and attracts not only San Diego residents but also visitors who patronize nearby restaurants and other businesses during their stay, helping to support the local economy.

Last year the City Council voted unanimously to grant Campland a three-year lease with options to extend to 2022.

“Campland is a San Diego experience like no other. The passion and loyalty Campland has earned, from both its customers and its staff, is something really special and unprecedented,” said Sean Schwab, co-chair of Friends of Campland, a San Diego citizen group of more than 2,500 campers dedicated to preserving Campland for future generations.

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