Charging an electric vehicle is as easy as plugging in when you stop.

San Diego Gas & Electric announced Friday that thousands of electric vehicle drivers in the region will receive credits in their residential bill over the next two months.

Around 6,900 EV owners or lessees in the SDG&E service territory enrolled in the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit Program by the May 31 deadline and qualified for the $200 bill credit. The program is part of a statewide greenhouse gas reduction effort administered by the California Air Resources Board.

“The transportation sector is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution,” said John Sowers, SDG&E’s senior vice president of asset management.

“But our region is helping to change that as more people shift to electric vehicles and fuel them with renewable energy,” said Sowers, who in his job oversees clean transportation programs. “When our customers plug in to charge their cars, they are using some of the cleanest energy available in the state because 43 percent of SDG&E’s electricity supply comes from renewables.”

The utility said the amount of credit given depended on the number of people who applied. There are more than 24,000 EV drivers in the San Diego region, and SDG&E mounted a campaign to enroll as many of them in the program as possible.

Those who missed the deadline to apply this year will have the opportunity to apply next year, as the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit is made available each year by CARB through 2020.

Each year the credit will apply to current electric vehicle drivers. This means that if an EV changes ownership or leasing status, the new owner will be able sign up for the bill credit.

EV owners may sign up for the 2018 interest list at

This annual CARB program is funded through the sale of low carbon fuel credits and not through utility rates. It applies to all-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrids in SDG&E’s service territory that are registered to residents, and not commercial fleets.

—City News Service

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