A TicketSauce-managed event in downtown San Diego. Courtesy TicketSauce
A TicketSauce-managed event in downtown San Diego. Courtesy TicketSauce

Media and tourism companies are increasingly turning to live events for promotion and to attract new audiences. But event management is hard work, and risk of error grows when thousands of people are involved. TicketSauce, a two-year-old San Diego startup, has developed event-management software that is turning heads at numerous companies. Times of San Diego spoke with Founder and President Travis Fisher about the company’s strategy.

Why did you start TicketSauce?

We started TicketSauce to provide opportunities for media companies, event organizers and associations to generate new transaction-based revenue along with collecting important audience data. For example, with the disruption that has occurred in the media landscape, it is crucial to create new revenue opportunities to sustain their business.

Travis Fisher

Why is event management such a pain point for businesses?

Event organizers tend to wear a bunch of different hats. Providing them a software solution that is simple for them as well as provides their attendees a quick and easy way to purchase tickets is critical. Certain large event software providers make it cumbersome for both the event organizers and attendees. Our goal is to provide them a simple software solution that has robust features to manage their events very effectively.

Who are some of your clients and what has been their response?

Some of our clients include the San Diego Tourism Authority, San Diego Union-Tribune, USA Today and Best Coast Beer Festival to name a few. These clients have been very happy because it gives them the opportunity to provide a new service to their members and advertisers. Not only can they promote advertising services for event organizers but they can provide a total event-software solution. At the end of the day, we provide our customers the ability to generate new revenue, under their brand, and provide audience data to them. Companies like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite do not provide these opportunities.

TicketSauce started with media. What other markets are you targeting?

Our focus was initially around media organizations but we have now expanded into other industries such as conventions, tourism, chambers of Commerce and event venues like amphitheaters and concert halls.  In addition, we have also expanded into Australia where we will be managing and handling the ticketing services for a large horse racing track.

Your own background is in advertising. Do you see events as competition for traditional marketing approaches?

We are seeing more dollars being allocated for events from organizations. The importance of talking with your audience and providing great live experiences is a critical path to create customer loyalty. As advertising continues to become extremely fragmented, events are growing and becoming a critical path of engagement.

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